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How to choose best makeup brushes

Le 25 September 2014, 08:35 dans Beauté 0

Are you wondering how to choose your makeup brushes? Having the right set of brushes can help you create a perfect makeup. Many girls can’t afford to a set of brand makeup brushes due to their expensive price. So it is very important for you to choose right makeup brush set.


·High quality brushes are worth the price.  I have used zoreya makeup brush set, they really work very well. They're fluffier and have a natural cuticle, like human hair, "that grabs pigment and holds it until you place it exactly where you want on the face." Blue squirrel is the finest (and most expensive), but pony hair, goat, and kolinsky sable are also good. Don't skip synthetic brushes altogether though—they're best for applying creams and liquids.
· Keep them clean: Once a month, mix warm water with a little soap and swish the head of the brush around in it. Once they're clean, rinse them well and blot with paper towels, then lay them flat until they dry completely. Don't stand them up in a cup to dry—gravity will go to work on the wet hairs and pull them out of shape.
· Get the right set: The four most useful brushes are a large powder brush; a slightly smaller, fluffy brush for blush and bronzer; an eye-shadow brush that's about the size of a fingertip, and a smaller shadow brush for smudging and blending. "Look for a slightly domed shape," says Surrat. "It rolls best across the skin and deposits less pigment [all at once] so you can be precise."


Getting the professional makeup brush set, being a beautiful woman now!

Good ways to clean makeup brushes

Le 25 September 2014, 08:18 dans Humeurs 0

Makeup brushes set with high quality are very expensive, so it is necessary for you to know how to keep makeup brushes in pristine condition. Although there are lots of makeup brush cleansers on the market that help to get the job done, you can also take good care of your tools using household items.  Here some good tips for you.


Firstly, massaging your dirty blush or foundation brushes against a sturdy bar of soap will work the cleanser deep into the bristles. Rinse with lukewarm water and wipe your brush against a paper towel.


Secondly, place a teaspoon of shampoo in a cup with 1/4 cup of warm water. Quickly stir the mixture with a spoon to work up some bubbles. There is no better choice for you to clean your zoreya makeup brush set in this way.


Thirdly, Pour a little of the dish soap on top of the sponge and then rub your brush against the surface. And again, rinse with lukewarm water, wipe with a towel to remove any leftover debris and lay your brushes flat to dry.


Fourthly, Olive oil is a great way to not only clean smaller brushes, but also to condition the bristles. In this case, it's okay to submerge your makeup brushes into the oil. Rub them against a sponge and you'll start to see all those caked-up pieces of product come off.


Now, you must have known how to clean your makeup brushes easily, just try it and a big surprise is waiting for you!